What if earth stop spinning

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What if Earth stopped spinning?

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What if Earth stopped spinning?

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Why does earth spin?

A very, very long time! The Earth will still be spinning when the Sun dies, and it will probably still be rotating slowly if/when the Universe nears its end! The Earth rotates around the Sun, and. A sudden stop would bring all life on Earth, what with a rotating speed of 1, miles an hour at the equator (1, kilometers an hour) to a very abrupt, high-speed end.

It would take a billion-dollar special effects budget to do the instantaneous carnage justice were it to be portrayed Hollywood-style in a summer blockbuster. Jul 28,  · Will The Earth Ever Stop Rotating?

Quora Contributor i. The Earth will never stop rotating. Earth rotates in the purest, most perfect vacuum in the whole universe—empty space. Space is so.

What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? The probability for such an event is practically zero in the next few billion years. If the Earth stopped spinning suddenly, the atmosphere would still be in motion with the Earth's original mile per hour rotation speed at the equator.

Jul 28,  · Earth rotates in the purest, most perfect vacuum in the whole universe—empty space. Space is so empty, so devoid of anything to slow the Earth down, that it just spins and spins, practically. First, let's assume the Earth stopped spinning gradually, as a sudden deceleration would mean disaster.

Second, we'll suppose that Earth's ecosystems have survived the transition mostly intact. If both of them stop, the mechanism behind Earth's magnetic field may as well, leaving us exposed to potential harmful solar winds [source: Cain].

What if earth stop spinning
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