Is censorship ever justified and what

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Is censorship ever justifiable?

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Artists with they have a friendly to misuse and custom this freedom of genre. Is censorship ever warranted? Under what circumstances would it be? I don’t know what you mean by censorship. Lots of people complain when their questions on Quora are edited, or when their answers are deleted because of BNBR violations.

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Is Censorship Justified. On May 10, censorship was being poured out in its fullest extent all over Germany. What is the definition of censorship: the control of information and ideas circulated within a society.

It is an occurrence that has been used for centuries: the burning of books. RE: Is censorship ever justified Cartoon Network was not unaware of the risks; the cartoons were to be plucked from chronological order and shown late at night.

Is censorship ever justified, if so, what are its limits? Censorship is a means whereby the information people receive is limited, either wholly or in part by another individual or a group or individuals.

Is Censorship Justified? Ever wondered the reason behind racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, children committing crime or violence? The main reason is that censorship is not properly imposed or there is a need of censorship in the society.

Is censorship ever justified and what
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