Essay on family planning in india

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Essay on family planning programmes in India

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Essay on Family Planning Programme in India

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Family Planning in India | Essay

Family planning in India has come to a standstill. In fact, the pro­gramme is moving backward as today (in ) we are producing 52 children every minute in comparison to 21 children per minute in and eight children per minute in India is the second most populous nation, after China.

United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) has worked that such an increase in population will have adverse effect on the existing economic and social condition of our nation. In its family planning awareness drive, the Government of India adopted the UNEP guideline of delaying the first child and spacing the subsequent births.

In‘family planning’ was rechristened as. Planning is necessary to solve a problem. Now, India is facing an acute problem It is the problem of increasing population. Related Articles: Essay on Family Welfare Programme and Population Growth. Opinion essay family planning in hindi. Essay about business india gate Independent of kazakhstan essay magoosh importance of alternative fuels essay the notebook essay apps.

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Essay on family planning in india
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Essay on Family Planning in India