A family tradition of serving in the law enforcement and military

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New Officer at the MPD: Patrolman James Peacock

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The History of Policing in the United States, Part 1

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Police and Law Enforcement

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They were all there to pay their last years to Sgt. First, the American tradition of civil-military separation is breaking down as Congress assigns more and more law enforcement responsibilities to the armed forces.

Second, state and local police officers are increasingly emulating the war-fighting tactics of soldiers. GovX is a members-only community serving those that serve, including active duty, reserve and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces, first responders, law enforcement and related government agencies.

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Law Enforcement (Police) Funeral Service Rituals

Find this Pin and more on Bless our Police officers., Firemen.,Current Serving military, and Veterans by Dawnn Marie Tortoricci. See more. This page is for the students of the Okinawan Temple who have served our Country in the Military and currently serving in our Military.

When it came to making a decision about enlisting, Williams stated that his family has a history of service with the military. “I sought out a career in the military from an obligation that I felt toward serving our country, as well as my family has served,” Williams said.

A family tradition of serving in the law enforcement and military
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